Gau Sevak

Shri Gokaldasbhai Kanji Shah at SNPP’s Flag Hoisting Ceremony on 26 Jan 2012*
 Shree Nasik Panchavati Panjrapole,  is a 139 years old Registered Public Charitable Trust; Which has seen many colours of success, goodwill, and charity throughout its journey till date.
The credit and success goes to the many contributors who have helped and worked with utmost zeal to bring SNPP to this stage
Their dedicated contributions have essentially made SNPP a temple where Gaumata resides.
Out of the very many names , one of them is Shri Gokaldasbhai Kanji Shah who served the Gaumatas at SNPP for more than 32 years.
He shall always be remembered for his kind nature , his honesty, discipline and dedicated service while at SNPP.
Today,  on the occasion of Our country’s 72nd Independence Day flag hoisting at SNPP , we would like to pay a tribute by sharing some old memories of him .
Below / attached is a video of Shri Gokaldasbhai Kanji Shah attendance at SNPP’s Flag Hoisting Ceremony on Republic Day of India Jan the 26th , year 2012.
He is in our hearts and SNPP shall always be thankful to him for his long and honest service.